Vualt empty and paid assets gone

I loaded up the engine today to make a new project and my vault was completely empty. I searched for stuff I already purchased and it now says “Unlivable” when the other day it was working just fine with no problems at all. I was going to restart a project I was working on but with my vault now completely empty. Everything I bought or downloaded that was free in the Marketplace/Learning section gone. This really is going to break my project if I have to repurchase everything again. Also I got Shadow Complex when it was free for a short time and now instead of “Install” it’s saying “$14.99”…what is going on?

EDIT: OK I went to the settings in the launcher and went to troubleshoot and clicked the “:Vault Location” and went back and my vault suddenly was back and repopulated it’s self and Shadow Complex was no longer asking to pay but were to install. Bug?

I think the marketplace team has been working on the store lately, as some bugs have been present over the past few days. Could be due to that. I’m glad to hear it’s been resolved. In the future though be sure to shoot an email to to reach one of the staff. It’d be more efficient than waiting for an answer on the forum. =)

It is working again. Thank you for the reply though. I think it may had been a bug or something :\

Don’t mention it. Hope it doesn’t recur in the future. =)