VTM Redemption. Party portraits replication question

What I want:

Real time portraits that overlap each other.

For this I use RenderTargets. Initially I put individual portraits in Horizontal Box, but it has no option for ZOrder, so I remade it with Grid Panel.

And set little negative Nudge to “emulate” overlapping.

from left to right

It kinda worked, but it fills party from left to right, while I want it to go from center to sides.

I can “fix” it by adding Translation to Grid Panel depending on party size, but as Grid Panel size remains the same I have feeling that latter I would get problems with it. For example in case of adding panel dragging.

So, I’m wondering maybe it’s better to use Canvas Panel instead and set position of party member widgets manually? Or perhaps there is even some better way?

Small Update just in case someone also would be interested.

Ended up using Canvas Panel, seems like the most flexible way. To avoid bugs from portrait overlapping, added separate widgets consisting from single border, to handle click and drag’n’drop events.

Something like this: