Vsync/video tearing issues in Unreal 4.8.3?

Hi, I posted on Unreal 4 answerhub with this question but have not received an answer in many days,

In a packaged build of my game I am noticing a great deal of vsync/screen tearing issues and I do not know how to fix. I have tried many of the solutions given in Unreal 4’s answerhub but they have not been successful for me. There is some solution to add -vsync to a shortcut of the packaged product’s .exe file but I could not get a more detailed answer to get this to work either.

This is a big issue that I’ve been trying to fix for weeks before releasing a demo, I noticed Unreal Tournament has a vsync toggle and if there is a simple console command I can activate inside the level blueprint that would be fine.

I’m using Windows 10 w Nvidia GeForce GTX 970

Here is the link to the question, Can we sell game made from Unreal Engine 3 (UDK) - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

Could really use help on this, thank you.


Just add r.VSync 1 inside 'execute console command ’ on the first bp that loads when your game starts.

That should enable vsync. To disable it. change 1 to zero.