VSTs and Puredata


I want to use generic Vsts (via JUCE) and Puredata patches (via libpd) inside UE BPs. Do implementations for that exist already, or are on the roadmap for the Audio Engine team?


No, you’d have to write some code to host that in UE4, but it’s doable. Something like that would definitely be a cool feature for UE4 and we’ve considered doing it, but that’s a bit down the line as we have many more “bread and butter” things to do first.

That said, such a thing should be easily doable in a plugin now and sellable on the UE4 marketplace or direct. There are a number of pathways now that you could take. It could be you load the libpd dll and runtime, then on the pd generated output, feed it into a USynthComponent if you want the pd patch to be a single 3d source or feed it out of a submix effect if you want to do surround sound. Same is true of a juce host.