VSCode Intellisense broken

I tried VSCode back when they first released a build of UE that supported it, hoping Intellisense would work better/faster. And it did. For like half an hour. Then it stopped working entirely until I restarted VSCode, which let it work for another half hour. I did that for a few hours, then to preserve my sanity and not put a hole in my monitor, I went back to Visual Studio.

I gave it a try again today, figuring it’s been like 8 months, maybe it got better. It’s not. Intellisense doesn’t work at all, now. It’s strange, because if I hover over a function call I typed out, it will show the proper signatures it could be, but not while I’m typing and not when I hit ctrl+space to force it to show up. So it has the correct information, it just won’t show it to me. It WILL show me basic types and maybe functions I’ve typed in before, but it won’t show me anything else.

I uninstalled, hunted down what leftover settings I could find to delete, then reinstalled. No change. I’ve never used any extensions except the Microsoft C/C++ and C# ones you need for UE4.

Is it just this broken or is there some secret magic trick to get it to work?

There’s a fix coming in 4.20.2 that fixes intellisense that was broken for VisualStudio in 4.20.0, maybe this also affects VSCode? It probably does.

Until then, it’s no surprise that your whole project would be covered in squiggly lines.

I’m not even bothered by the random squiggly lines. Intellisense in Visual Studio was so slow I basically had that problem already. I’m more concerned that the code completion in VSCode flat out doesn’t work at all.

I found some things to change to get Visual Studio’s Intellisense to run a bit faster, so it’s not as bad as it was. But it’ll never be as snappy an editor as VSCode, if only it’s code completion would work.

I have not met any developer who likes to work with intellisense. I actually recommend disabling it and use other tools and extensions for it. Visual Assist for example is way faster and has more useful features.

I have the very same issues. I’d like to switch to vscode and everything works perfectly, except that there are no auto suggestions at all. I can hover over functions and classes and get all the info I need, can jump into their declarations and definitions etc., but neither starting to type the name of a function nor hitting ctrl+space displays me any auto suggestions. It just either displays a list of words used in the current file, or says “No suggestions”. I guess there is no solution for this yet?

Which is weird because Intellisense for C# is fast and practically writes all your code… :cool:

Wish MS would just buy VAssist or any other plugin that works as well for C++ as Intellisense does in C#. :frowning:

Microsoft don’t own C++, so they don’t seem to invest much into it.