VSCode configuration thread

Hey all! Returning from some time away from the Engine, and I thought I’d pop in, and see how things are.

One of the things I really hate in life is using Visual Studio, it’s so incredibly slow, and the interface is distressingly ugly these days. VS Code is fast, not ugly, and other than lacking a lot in configurability for layout, it’s really not a bad editor at all.

So, of course, I was excited to see that VS Code is supported. However, it seems that that support pretty much only extends to “it can launch the project and a file into a new window”.

I’ve done some poking around at how to configure the c_cpp_properties.json to include the include files, and have added several paths, just to get one single file to intellisense kind of close to correctly. Once it stops complaining about include files, it starts complaining about tons of “is not a type name”, “expected an identifier”, “is undefined”, etc. My guess is that it probably needs a lot more include paths added to it, so that it can read it all… but… what needs to be added? Also, once IntelliSense is actually intelligent-ish, how can you configure it to build?

The latest info I see is here: Using Visual Studio Code with Unreal Engine - UE4 AnswerHub … but I’m not sure if any, all, or none of all that still applies after the changes in 4.18 ? Anyone know?

So, I thought I’d post here – have you configured VS Code for use with Unreal? What did you do? How?

Useful information: I discovered that after setting the editor to VS Code in the Editor configuration, you can do: File->Refresh Visual Studio Code Project, and it will generate all the things in c_cpp_properties.json that you need to make it work. (this may possibly require the c_cpp_properties.json to already exist, i am not sure, and don’t want to go and delete things to check)

This does not fix, however, problems with the C++ validator telling me that clearly correct code is wrong. Such as:

class TESTPROJECT_API AMyFirstClass : public AActor”

receives a “expected a ;” on the “:” part.

… it also generates the data necessary to run it from the Debug options in VS Code … so that’s nice too. Just wish I could figure out the Intellisense. I also realized after I wrote this, that the devs forum is probably a better place to post this, so sorry if this is off topic, i just posted it along side a different VSC thread … coming back after this long, I need to get with the new organization of forums and stuff :slight_smile:

To anyone interested, maybe this solves the problem: