VS2019 constantly losing compile connection to Unreal Editor


every time I work with VS2019 and UE4, VS will always sooner or later lose connection to UE4. Which means that if I press Ctrl+Shift+B for rebuild, the rebuild completes but UE4 does not update (the compile complete sound is absent) and when I run the code it UE4, it doesn’t use the latest version of it. Once that occurs, rebuilding from VS no longer works no matter what, and it properly updates only when I click Compile button in the editor.

It happens always about 10-20 rebuilds from UE4, and the only solution I know is to restart both UE4 editor as well as VS2019 for the connection to re-establish, but I am getting extremely tired of constantly relaunching those two. I am certain I am doing something wrong and there must be a better way of working than having to restart Visual Studio and Editor every half an hour or so :frowning:

Do you found any solution to this problem? It’s really frustrating…