VS2017 Community upgrade to Enterprise edition issues

Hi there,

I initially installed VS2017 Community and Unreal 4.20 and everything worked as expected. Since then I upgraded my Visual Studio to the Enterprise edition.

Now while I can compile and launch from VS but in the editor there is no compile option and I cannot add C++ classes from the editor (error message says I need to install visual studio which then links to the community edition).

I believe this started at the point that I uninstalled the community edition.

How do I get Unreal Editor to know where VS is installed?

Adding as a comment but not a proper solution. By installing a fairly minimal Community edition (unclicked all components and skipped the warning, total install size about 0.5GB still) Unreal Editor started believing I had it installed. Adding C++ classes and compiling now works with the Enterprise version as expected.

It would be nice to fix this properly.

I have same problem and this didn’t fixed by Epic. v4.21.2