VS2017 and UE4.18.3, setting up UnrealVS Extension /engine/extra/ directory can't be found

,I’m following directions from an online course to try to set up UE4 and Visual Studio.
I’m currently trying to set up the UnrealVS extension, following directions on this link Using the UnrealVS Extension for Unreal Engine C++ Projects | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation

I actually am stuck at step one. I can’t seem to find the UnrealVS.vsix program at all.

According to this video, I allegedly should be able to go into the epic games folder and see something different from what I currently see: UnrealTek Unreal Engine 4 C++ Course - 04 - Setup Visual Studio & Plugins For Ease Of Life - YouTube
When I open my Epic Games folder, I only see two directories: Launcher, and DirectXRedistr. Going into the Launcher directory, I three other directories, one of which is entitled “Engine.” If I go into Engine, I don’t see any directory called “Extras.” I see 6 other directories, “Binaries,” “Content,” “Config,” “Plugins,” “Programs,” and “Shaders.” If i click in any of these directories I don’t seem to find anything resembling the UnrealVS directory.

(Overall, I’m using the following link to guide my set up of Visual Studio: Setting Up Visual Studio Development Environment for C++ Projects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation)

I haven’t really deviated much from directions. I downloaded Epic Games then downloaded Unreal Engine. If there’s any info someone could offer me to help me solve this problem, I’ve been wanting to get started on developing for a long time.

I ran into the same problem I think.
In C:\Program Files there should another Epic Games folder, click on that one and you should be able to locate the extension from there. Sorry if this is late.