VS Code

Has anyone tried coding in VS Code yet? As of 4.18 you can use it as your IDE. I tried it with the third person template, and was pleasantly surprised on how fast it felt. I was hoping for a better intellisense experience… The intellisense is more responsive, however, it is more like the intellisense from other popular text editors, in that not everything shows up, but somethings do. I do get this message when code starts up “Configure includePath for better IntelliSense results.” However, i am pretty much new to UE4, c++ and VS Code, so i wasn’t really sure what that meant or how to set it up… Has anyone else has any luck with VS Code?

On Linux I’m getting some intellisense errors with include files:

I checked the include paths in c_cpp_properties.json and even added UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/Linux/LibCxx/include/c++/v1 (absolute path) to it and it didn’t help even though the file is in that path. It’s also found in my system files which I tried to incldue in the json file and that didn’t help either.

Hi, did you find a solution to this problem?

Did u solve?