VS and UE4 is too much for my computer, any advice ?

hi, i’m using VS 2019 and this takes the most performance of my computer, do you have any advice for me ? like changing the version of VS if that can change something to me ?

at each click my VS crash i mean

I would look into why VS2019 is crashing first.
Could be a or simple incompatibility or it could be a sign of an other underlying issue with your computer :expressionless:

Recent versions of VS 2019 are generally stable. It was a disaster at one point, but MS fixed most issues. I would try to increase the RAM. UE4 takes a lot of RAM by itself, and when you add VS…


does that mean i should but money to upgrade my pc ?

Depends on the specs of your current PC :slight_smile:

Main points of interest are CPU, RAM, GPU.
Whether or not you have an SSD and which OS you’re running would help too.