VS and UE4 is too much for my computer, any advice?

hi, i’m using VS 2019 and this takes the most performance of my computer, do you have any advice for me ? like changing the version of VS if that can change something to me ?

at each click my VS crash i mean

I would look into why VS2019 is crashing first.
Could be a or simple incompatibility or it could be a sign of an other underlying issue with your computer :expressionless:

Recent versions of VS 2019 are generally stable. It was a disaster at one point, but MS fixed most issues. I would try to increase the RAM. UE4 takes a lot of RAM by itself, and when you add VS…


does that mean i should but money to upgrade my pc ?

Depends on the specs of your current PC :slight_smile:

Main points of interest are CPU, RAM, GPU.
Whether or not you have an SSD and which OS you’re running would help too.