VS 2017 super laggy? (resolved)

Im having some issues with VS 2017 in that I can’t seem to open a menu or file without it lagging out for minutes at a time.

I had some problem with this in 2015 but only during initial load. Once everything had been loaded it ran fine.
But with 2017 it says everything is ready but hangs horribly whenever I try to do much of anything.

Any suggestion or guidance on improving performance would be much appreciated.

It’s likely Intellisense parsing things for the first time. You can always check your Task Manager and see what is hogging the CPU. Also don’t hesitate to search the forums before you post, as this question has come up quite a bit (I don’t mind answering it, but there’s a lot of collective wisdom on these forums if you simply search a bit which could possibly go into greater detail).

I ran into this issue, before, and had to delete the .suo file. Maybe try that?

It resolved after I purged every scrap of VS from the system and reinstalled.