vs 2015

I am a little confused by this “Important Note - ‘VisualStudio2015 Update 1’ is not compatible with the UE 4.10.2 release. Please do not update to VisualStudio2015 Update 1 while using UE 4.10.2”

I am using VS 2015 with 4.10 and seems to be OK. Using VS 2015 Community. Are you talking about the full version of VS? Confusing.

MS have releases fixes and C++ stuff in a package called an update.

So Update 1 has fixed/changed some VS stuff and or added more stuff from the C++ standard


Hi theProfessor,

We were being overly cautious with that note, and after additional testing it was decided that we could redact the note. The VS2015-Update1 should be okay with the 4.10.2 release.