VS 2013 Ultimate, Incompatible?

I’m using:
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013
Version 12.0.30723.00 Update 3

And it works fine.

Double check you don’t have the weird Windows Non-Desktop version.

I just installed VS 2013 Ultimate, and it seems like the version of VS 2013 is not compatible with UE4. As if I’m running the for Windows (and not for Windows Desktop) version.

I thought Ultimate had all the version, or at least that is what it’s written in the official site.


It is compatible. I’m not even sure how it can’t be…

I use 2013 Ultimate, it works fine.

Then what is the error I’m seeing?, it says first that it is an unsupported project, and in the project itself says: “incompatible”.

How do I check that?.

UE4.sln says so? And, do You have .NET 4.0 installed?

Hm. Check Your environment variables. There should be VS120COMNTOOLS variable.
It stores path to

Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools

4.5. And yes, that is the error. Also, before getting that I get this:

Yup, that variable exists.

You are using the SLN file to open it, correct? Also, you could right click the UPROJECT file and select generate visual studio files to see if that would help.

I’m just opening the C++ version any project, in the UE4 initial screen, VS opens automatically, throwing that error.

Have you tried installing and uninstalling VS 2013?

Help → About Microsoft Visual Studio

You could also try installing Express, many people use that version:


Is it opening other VC projects?

Which folder do I need to enter into, to find this " .uproject " file?
The only one I readily see that’s even close to that is " .uprojectdirs "…