VS 2013 Pro not detected

I’m using 4.10.1 and getting a “No compiler was found. In order to use a C++ template, you must first install Visual Studio 2015” error whenever I hit the C++ button in the New Project dialog. I have VS 2013 pro installed… I thought this was supported? My VS120COMNTOOLS environment variable points to a valid location (“D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\Common7\Tools”) where all the tools appear to reside. What gives?

If you are using the binary release then Visual Studio 2013 is no longer supported as stated in the release notes for 4.10. If you want to keep using 2013 you need to build the engine from source.

Yup, VS2015 is required in 4.10 onwards :slight_smile:

Pity… I won’t be going Professional with 2015 - just can’t afford to pay $500 every time they come out with something. Looking into the community edition now… looks like in this case it still covers all my bases, and (reputedly, at least) installs cleanly next to VS2013. Just going to be a bear on my limited laptop resources to have both installed :frowning:

At any rate, thanks for the quick and definitive response. At least it gives me a path forward :confused:

Well, it is just a launcher requisite (sso they dont ship a huge launcher that support vs2013 and 2015 compiled libs for UE4)… but you can still use 2013 if you build all from source.

Yeah it’s just one of the side effects of moving forward really, 2015 has a lot of really nice new features though!

I can confirm at this point that going to VS2015 does in fact resolve the issue. Thanks!

I have VS 2013 Ultimate, how exactly… Do I build from source?


All instructions are on that page (you’ll need to be logged in and have your GIT account connected to your Unreal account).

Okay, I connected the accounts… I right-click on both Setup.BAT and the generate projects batch file and ran both of them as administrator.
The generate projects batch file, in the console window… Had some yellow text, something about a toolchain?
Disappeared a little too quickly to read exactly what it said, but…

I was able to open the solution, I right clicked on UE4 project and selected “Build”… Here is a screenshot of the error messages:

How do I fix these errors?

Thank You in advance…

If it said toolchain, it sounds like you don’t have all the Visual C++ Components installed. Check the VS installation guide and make sure you have all the right components, you DO have to change the default installation’s settings.

I installed a new laptop this weekend for working on my game project as previous is bit to slow.

My previous laptop only has visual studio 2013 Pro installed, and had 4.9 installed from launcher and build from source. 4.10 has been added to launcher, source been updated to 4.10 tag and rebuild. Was able to compile my game project without an issue.

New laptop also has visual studio 2013 Pro installed, 4.10 trough launcher and 4.10 source build.
Source compiled successful in 2013 but when right click the game project and choose “select engine version” i get exception with both the launcher installed version and source compiled version.

Also installed 2015 community on new laptop and that fixed the issue.
Still don’t understand why it worked on old laptop with only 2013.
Only difference is that old laptop had 4.9 installed in past.

Thanks TheJamsh,

Ok, sooo… Programs and Features —> Repair/Modify?!

Yeah give that a go - the important part is the Visual C++ components, check the docs to make sure though!