VS 2013 Exprees Folder Workaround?


Has anyone found a workaround to create folders in VS2013 Express?
VS prices are obviously too expensive for an indie ._.

Hello, Sleicreider.

Can you be more specific in describing what you need help with? I don’t fully understand your question.

In addition, you might have better luck on the Microsoft Support pages for Visual Studio: http://support.microsoft.com/ph/1117/en



VS support wont help, because they intentionally don’t provide a solution folder for the Express Edition.

It seems that solutions are not supported in Visual Studio Express.

I read about few workaround which should work, but for me they don’t, that’s why I’m asking for further solutions

It should be possible, because when I create a Project with a c++ template, UE4 creates a public and private folder. If the UE4 editor can add these folders it might be also possible to create folders by myself :>