VRWorks Audio 2.0 in Unreal 4.25

Our project is a VR theatre experience, and we’re trying to get the audio to reflect the dynamic environment and scene changes.

It looks like the audio engine has changed pretty substantially since Unreal 4.15. I’ve been trying to integrate the 2.0 library into Unreal 4.25 from source, however I’m running into issues left and right. We don’t have any audio output, it’s compiling, but the scene is silent. I wish I could be more informative here, but we’re new to unreal so there’s a lot going on for us to learn all at once.

Does anyone know of any other examples of VRWorks Audio being implemented in a recent version of Unreal? Or have any suggestions on how to adapt Nvidia’s 4.15 branch to the 4.25 engine?

Yeah, I would not try to integrate their branch. I would probably look at their latest SDK fresh and look at the latest UE4 version and the IAudioSpatialization interface, which has been implemented for Steam Audio, Google Resonance, Oculus Audio, and our own native ITD Spatializer.

The sources will be able to give you all the data needed to implement their processors.

I’d probably only look at their integration for cues on handling geometry metadata, etc. But only as reference.

Check out IAudioExtensionPlugin.h and the following interfaces:…ion/index.html…ion/index.html…erb/index.html