VRwatch menu based on level

The idea is that I have a watch style menu in the hand. My question is how can I load a different menu based on the level that is loaded. Should I ask the current level name and load a specific menu if it’s true? I have the menu as a child in the motioncontroller. Sorry for the rookie question :frowning:

If I understand this correctly you are just wanting to select things from a widget on your vr-arm/hand, kind of like a vr smart watch. To do this you would create your widget as normal and then add a widget component your vr smart watch actor, then select your class for the widget class. You will be able to rotate and position the widget to fit your visual. To allow the other hand to select the menu go into the vr hand actor and add a Widget Interaction component. Make sure to adjust the Interaction Distance to close to the finger so it looks like you are selecting with the vr hand. I found a video tutorial of something similar:
Hopefully that helps. :slight_smile:

Yes. I have the system working in a single level setup. The problem is that I want to have different buttons in levels. On level 1 The buttons are different then in level2. I just don’t get it how to choose the right UI to be visible in the motioncontroller. Or is it even the right way to do it.

Seems like you could use Get Current Level Name and use that as you say to determine the watch settings.