VRLD - free online VR platform

Hello colleagues! We VR Link Domain team decided to present you our project, in the light of the forthcoming release of **VRLD **on the Kickstarter. Such projects have not presented on crowdfunding yet, similar ones immediately got a dozen billions from venture capital funds. We hope that people will support us, as the project is rather social than commercial.

The basic idea is described in the theses of VR killer app manifesto. Also, some ideas can be found on our blog. The general idea is simple.

We want to create a true Virtual Reality, seamless 3D world where a user is able to carry out any everyday stuff, work, entertainment, etc.

It is trend to call such a world metaverse now, but we prefer the concept of ecosystem for VR devices and apps, 3D-operating system or simply a VR platform.

It took a lot of time and effort testing some of the ideas, and we hope Epic Games will help us in some very difficult moments. If we do not start the realization of the global VR project on UE4 now, the weird Unity will remain the most popular platform for developing VR applications.

Sorry for no appropriate forum presentation, but we prepare awesome page on KS so you could check it out next month.

We invite you to the discussion of the project in social media (twitter | G+ | Medium) or here.

mail: info@portaltovr.com

Best Wishes, VRLD team.
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