VRange - New Zombie Horde Mode - Survival Gameplay

Hi All

We’ve recently updated VRange to Version 1.5.1, bringing a wealth of new content and updates! Here’s a slice of the latest steam update!

Howdy Folks!

We hope your all doing well, we’ve had a busy few months with VRange development getting ready to release Version 1.5.0. We’ve tried to pack in as much new content as possible to this update including our new artificial locomotion system, a new and improved weapon spawn system, hundreds of performance improvements and on top of all that we’re introducing our horrifically exciting VR Zombie Horde Mode!

We’ve detailed some of the latest updates, changes and new content below! As always we hope you enjoy and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

VRange - Zombie Horde Mode

They’re here! We’ve worked really hard to bring you this new update to VRange, pooling our resources from all areas of the team to resurrect one of the most terrifying VR experiences we can muster.

In VRange Horde Mode, players assume the role of a stranded member of the Melon Protection Force! With only the aid of a one Robert Bradley, an ex-soldier turned weapon dealer, for support. How long will you last against our ever growing zombie hordes!

Artificial Locomotion
We’ve completely reworked the navigation system in VRange, removing the clunky teleportation system we were using previously. Now players can experience the immersive new Artificial Locomotion system, giving much greater freedom of movement and rotation.

New Weapon Support Platform
We’ve reworked our weapon spawn platform, providing a clean, slick and easy to use platform for spawning weapons and ammo in VRange. You can now easily scroll through our growing armory of weapons.

We’ve added in our first batch of achievements to VRange with more on the way! From hitting targets, to using different weapons platforms, there’s all sorts of goodies for the achievement hunters in the community.

We’re Really excited about our latest updates, and will continue to deliver a few further updates across the coming days. We look forward to hearing feedback from the community and working together with you to improve on VRange.