VR widget interaction issue.

Hi. I have an issue with hover event on UMG buttons in VR. Widget interaction component on motion controller activates when I put my thumb on thumbstick. When it is activated and hovers over widget, button changes it’s color. When interaction component unhovers from widget, button changes color to normal. But when I put off my thumb from the thumbstick while interaction component is hovering over button and thus deactivate interaction component, color remains the same as if interaction component is still hovering over widget. So IsHovered value doesn’t change to “false” if widget interaction component deactivates.

If you are using the “Unhovered” event to set the color back obviously releasing your thumb deactivates the widget interaction component and thus no “Unhovered” event is called, you button remains the same color as when it was hovered. You need an additional command for “On Deactivated” of the widget component to return all buttons to their normal color is my guess.

Thanks for reply. That makes sense. For some reason I thought that it checks every frame if the button was hovered. But I can’t call “Unhovered” by myself. Apparently I have to use a workaround to solve this issue. I’ll change button widget style on interaction component activation/deactivation.