VR Weapon Input Handling (Dual Wielding)

So I’m trying to get the Vive controllers to handle input independently of one another when having a specific weapon equipped. I have managed to get them to be able to pick up and equip/ unequip both physics object and weapons, however when I equip a weapon in the right controller I am no longer able to pick up a physics object with the left controller. As ‘Input Enabled’ got called for the actor overriding my ‘Input Motion Controller Trigger’ on my pawn.

My goal is to have each weapon be able to be picked up and moved as a physics object or equipped and unequipped using the ‘Attach to Component’ and ‘Set Relative Location and Rotation’ nodes. Im just trying to do a simple line trace with the right or left motion controller trigger depending on which one has a weapon equipped but still want the other controller to have all the normal inputs from the pawn unless it also has a weapon equipped in which case I want it to also receive input from the actor. To clarify if I pick up weapon x with the right motion controller then unequip it and pick up the same weapon with the left motion controller I want them to recieve input only from the equipped/ overlapped motion controller.

The Get Player Controller is plugged into the Disable Input Player Controller not Target already changed that lol