VR(VIVE) Portal seetuo needed

VR(VIVE) Portal setup needed

One-Time Project Title:
create a portal scene that replicates half life portal but in VR

I would like to have a portal setup to perform exactly like in the portal game. This means helf wat step through or shoot through the portal.



I would like to propose my interested for this task, I am Senior Unreal Engine Developer with 4+ years of experience.
I have been working over Upwork from past 4+ years, Have a look at my Upwork profile:
Link : Upwork Freelancer

Looking forward hearing from you !

Thanks & Regards,

Please email me at so we may discuss. Thanks

can u plz provide your resume other than upworks profile?
1 month ago somebody pointed to your upwork profile bcz of some issue with an Indian named arun ratta.
he pointed that u and that guy actually same person . so just curious what u say about that.
strangely that thread does not exists.
wondering which admin deleted that interesting thread from forum!!!

Hello Muzaheed,

I am aware of that, I was working with one of my friend who helps me in Managing projects. I was getting a lot more work via Upwork, so we thought of outsourcing a bit of it, But I don’t understand why someone over Forum turned against us.

Now I created my own account myself and trying to see if I can get some work from Forums directly.

it was not against you . it was a constructing discussion about the amount that was offered to western developers by someone from india .
i just was wondering why the thread needed to be deleted when i explained them why that amount was ok for a developer from asia.
me also from Indian continental.
anyway, have a happy developing time.
and instead of copy posting your offers better pm clients . otherwise u may get blocked by admin as a spammer .

Yeah, I understand that, and I will take care of it. Thanks for your suggestions !

Hello Muhazeed, he deleted all of the post on his account and created a new one so he wont be able to get caught. I had to ask the admin to restore the posts to take screenshots so I could report the profile over upwork and he deleted them insantly. Although from what i know the upwork profile had been banned so you wont be able to search his profile directly over upwork.