VR Vector Field Editor

Hey fellas, I’ve started workin on a little project which I intend to release for free. It’s a vector field editor for VR. I would love to hear your opinions, perhaps requests. It’s still work in progress but I’ll release it as soon as I get it to a decent level.

Beta Release]




Just putting this out there, so you can compare/learn.

Thanks, I’ve checked it out from the videos, mine is just a little hobby project for free though.

Beta v1.1

  • Added brush mode

  • Set: Overwrites the current vector.

  • Add: Adds new vector to the current vector

  • Average: Averages the new vector with the current vector.

  • Miner UI improvements

Beta v1.2

  • Added basic simulation, it is not precise but can give you a very basic idea of what it’s going to look like in ue4.