[VR] Using PC monitor for second player

Hey, is there any way at the moment to not just mirror of what the vr player sees but allow to show a menu on the PC monitor. I am working on a project now where an observer can change variables to tweak the experience for the player in the headset. Is there any way to show that on the second screen, even with a work around?

The simple answer is no. You are underestimating how performance heavy VR is, even with the best equipment.

You’re asking your videocard to manage and render 2 different things. You won’t have good VR performance if you are running 2 instances, this is not plausible.

You could do it using Multiplayer, seperate windows for each, or possibly split screen, where you treat the VR as a monitor and have part of the game displayed on each monitor.
But there are problems no matter what route you take. If you have it as a multiplayer game (two windows) you will run into issues with focus (windows fighting for which one is handling input), depending on how UE4 has its controller input programmed as well.