VR using Open XR or Meta XR Quest 3

Hi everyone,

I had a question about how you would go about seeing/mapping out the Exact boundaries(Guardian) using the Quest 3 and setting those boundaries (XYZ) as a global mesh. See youtube link below is exactly what I want, but it’s done in Unity.

In unity you can literally just scan your room and have all the meshes set as a global mesh and everything works fine. Is there not something like this for UE?

I noticed inside my VRPawn I can add an OculusXRSceneGlobalMesh component, as well as Oculus XRRoom Layout Manager, but there is literally 0 documentation on what this is whatsoever or how to use it. It seems like that’s the correct path, but again there’s nothing on the internet about it.

See below for the components.


Hi Watsonid!

I am trying to work in an MR application as you seemed to do in this question, I can’t find this component in the component panel to add it into my oculus scene actor or where you did here, I know you asked this 8 months ago but, did you manage to make it work? Did you have to do anything extra to get access to that component? Any plugin?

Thank you so much in advance

EDIT: I had to change my Unreal Version to 5.3 or more, that’s where the complement appears