VR training tutorial for noobs!

This training session is very nice. Best practices for VR development. Useful for arch-viz in the near future! It’s a very noob-friendly introduction to VR in Unreal Engine.

Can’t wait to get my hands on a HTC vive :slight_smile:

Guys be prepared to upgrade your pc if you haven’t already.
On my rig ( i7 920 Overclock @3.8Ghz, 12gb ram and VaporX HD7950 3gb ) the Showdown demo stutter continuosly even at Low engine scalability settings…
Sun Temple run good with medium settings…
Reflection kill the FPS so be aware of that.

Overall VR is so cooollll!!!

Wish I could try


hopefully I’ll be fine!

You have a DK2?

A borrowed one since looks like Oculus won’t ship in Italy anymore unfortunately.

Soon I’ll start testing some Architectural Environments and I’ll post the results…which will be a big surprise :wink:

Anyway yes, the 980 is powerfull enough to manage complex scenes, but I suggest you to optimize the scene, some tricks can be found here