VR Text uncorect position

Hello, Everyone!

I’m new in UE4 VR. And I had a problem with interactable objects.

I’m trying to make a simple object with updating text on it.
But when i add Text Renderer to an object and write a short BP for the updating, it does not start working as i expected.
I want it to be fixed relative to the object.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Here is short video of this issue.
[video]VR Text Issue - YouTube

Here is screen of part BP (other part of BP I did not change, it’s standart VR Template)

Try dragging the text on top of the cube to the text the child of the cube and see if that helps.

It’s already in childs of main Cube in BP.


The Cube is BP_PickupCube from default VR template.

Maybe something else?

Disconnect that Tick node. does the text still lag behind?

No. When I disconect Tick everything looks fine (except for updating text value).