VR Template project (4.27) conversion to 5 (OculusOpenXR plugin)

Hello smarter people,

I am trying to convert a project that I have developed from the VR-Template project that’s currently running in 4.27.2 to UE5. It converts and opens an error message saying to try to compile in VS. I do so and see Unreal Build Tool: error: Unable to find plugin ‘OculusOpenXR’ Install it and try again or remove it from the required plugin list. I don’t have this plugin installed in the previous version and I cannot find a way to download it from the marketplace. Is there something obvious I’m missing?

If you open the .uasset file, you can directly modify the plugins there. I set OculusOpenXR to false, and now OculusVR and OpenXR are true. My project is now able to be compiled.

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