VR Template Player Start Position Issue


I got a strange problem with the start position in the VR Template. When I start the VR Preview, the Camera is at the position where it was in the editor. My Hands which normally are in front of me are somewhere far away from my position. It is not possible to teleport or grab items. I do not know how it happens. I hope somebody can help me. Thanks a lot.

I use a HTC Vive Pro HMD
The reason for my problem is that I deleted the VR Pawn from the World Outliner accidentally. I replaced it and after that, the problem occurs.
I tested that with an VR Template which works perfectly well. When I delete the VR Pawn and I replace it, it results in the same problem.

I got the solution for the problem and it is very easy: If you delete the pawn und you replace it there will no player be assigned to it. You simply have to assign Player 0 in the Details Panel under Pawn and everthing works like you are used to it.

it will depend on what headset you are using… ive found that just going into the vr pawn and setting tracking origin to eye level resolves it for the oculus go…

Unfortunately it did not work for me. I compared the original VR Template with my own level based on the VR Template and did not find any differences in the VR Pawn Blueprint. Maybe it depends on other settings I do not know about. In the original Template everything works well. While modifiing my own level I deleted accidently the VR Pawn and started the game. That was the first time the problem occured (understandably). I replaced the VR Pawn and the problem is still there.

I see you found a solution, another way you can do it so you dont forget is to going i to the pawn blueprint and in its settings also setting auto posses player 0 that way you dont have to do it in the levels themselves if you forget