VR template ( motion controller) Overlap _Help

Dear all,

I am currently facing an issue , but before I explain please find the below description :

Objective :
to create a VR assembly process ( whrere as parts are to be conected to a machine in order to complete the assembly )
and parts assembly to be in sequence .

what i did :
I have used the VR motion controller tamplate to creat the game . and i have duplicate the blueprint and chnage the mesh to a difrent parts ( such nails , washer , bearing and other )

how i did it :
I have create a volume trigger and in the ( Level BP ) when the overlap being the parts will move to the spesified location .

Issue I have face :
when ever the VRspwn ( player ) inters the volume trigger the bluecue_BP function will fire !!!
even though , the target of the overlap is set to be the ( cube_BP) .

please help me and i am so happy if i can resolve this issue

please help me guys