VR Template hands not grabbing or teleporting after packaging?

Hello (HTC Vive here)

My VR Template hands from the Unreal VR Template do not grab, or teleport after packaging like they do in the Preview Game Editor. Any ideas?

I have tried the suggestion on this thread:
[link text][1]
[1]: vr hands not working after packaging - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

However, turning on mouse capture on startup from project settings doesn’t seem to work for me, On or Off. It was on by default anyways.

I am stumped because it works just fine the Game Preview, but after Packaging the game and running standalone the grabbing and teleporting do not work. Please help.

I did enable “Start in VR” and the project loads into my Vive HMD.

I can see the hands, I can see the scene, but I cannot grab or teleport within my scene. I can interact with overlaps, but I cannot grab, pick up, or teleport.

I think I found the issue if you look at the image. It seems like I have some blueprints that have failed. Any idea on how to fix these kind of blueprint errors that are tied the VR Pawn Template?

Alright, try setting your Input in your Project Settings under Engine->Input like so:

Would be awesome to hear if it helped! <3

I figured it out. I just needed to reassign the motion controller buttons and trigger within the VRPawn Controller. The default Pawns blueprint. :slight_smile:

Sorry, can you develop the fix? I have the same issue.
Thanks in advance.