VR Template - add motion controllers

Seeing that it’s an reoccurring problem on a forums:

Add multiple motion controllers with all their functionalities replicated. Vive wands, Oculus touch, and PSVR move controllers.

If for whatever reason you can’t obtain a permission to use original meshes that Valve, Oculus or Sony provides - create something in a similar shape and all the buttons in right positions.

Important aspect is to replicate all the analog input functionalities and button presses they offer, as it seems to be the most common problem. Eg. bullet locating touch point on Vive wand touchpad. Or how far trigger is pulled.

With that one in you could also showcase automatic detection of the headset and whether motion controllers are available or not (which is important for Oculus and PSVR). I know it’s easy with a blueprint, but not everyone are aware of it.


Also, on a side note - it’d be good if current hand grab animation would support analog triggers when available (Vive), not just on/off state.