VR Telekinesis along path [ON SALE]

VR Telekinesis along path

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This asset creates a path that an object will follow according to the movements of your VR controller.

It contains two blueprints:

  • The first for remote telekinesis
  • The second if the player must touch the object to move it along the path.

Includes a demo level of all settings as well as gameplay examples. Demo :

T****echnical Details


  • Fully customizable path
  • Unlimited number of path point
  • Ready for both Blueprint-only and code projects. No need for any C++ code in your project.
  • Move any kind of static meshes along the path
  • Define the object to move offset along the path
  • Define the speed along the path
  • Choose which part of the transform you want to update along the path (location only, location and rotation, the whole transform)
  • Create a spline mesh or a recursive mesh along the path
  • Spawn a particle system and define it behavior
  • Create a mesh at each spline point
  • Contain blendable materials (blend when the user interact)
  • Contain a bridge that change color if the player is doing the right/wrong movement.
  • Compatible with a linear path
  • Compatible with a curved path


Based on UE4 native spline.

Number of Blueprints: 2

Network Replicated: Not tested

Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive [HR][/HR]
Marketplace link

The technology behind the game, which Neurable showed me and also demonstrated at the Siggraph conference on computer animation and interactive techniques in Los Angeles last week upsers portal

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