VR Swing (Bachelor's Thesis)

Hey everyone,

I’d like to share my VR Swing with you. It’s part of my bachelor’s thesis “Designing Presence” and build with Unreal Engine, Processing and some Arduino tinkering.
I learned UE4 during the build of the project and these forums were always a big help! So thanks a lot to the great UE community :slight_smile:

More infos and the making of can be found here:

Greetings from Berlin (Germany)

Wow, that’s a cool use of VR and UE4! Any problems with motion sickness?

Hey, glad that you like it :slight_smile: Because the motion of the swing is mirrored in the virtual world motion sickness (or sensory dissonance) issn’t a problem at all. That is part of the reason why I choose a swing as the main interactive element. It allows the user to move without worrying about the cable and it gives an explanation why you are moving in the virtual world.

really cool stuff man good work, hope you shared with the oculus rift community too

Thx! Jep i did :wink: