VR survey

Hi guys!

If it’s possible, could you answer a few questions or just leave your feedback. It’s enough to read the first paragraph to make it; other information is food for thought)

How often do you integrate the newest technology in your life - whether gadgets, apps or methods?
What do you think about all this hype around Virtual Reality or, to be more exact, about the last high-tech HMDs?
What if you, as a designer, could construct buildings and interiors for free, using your own objects in a seamless 3D reality, which would not be harder than to build a settlement in Fallout 4?
What if you, as a VR game developer, could solve capability, control and content distribution problems?
What if you, as a user, acquire a graphic operation system and could spend most of the day in VR working and resting?
Would you become an active user of a universal 3D platform, which could fully unleash the potential of VR devices?

Sounds fantastic like a cyberpunk novel, but remember how many prophetic ideas the sci-fi writers of the 20th century founded in their creations. In case if you are not a fan of reading and don’t get what I am talking about, just try to recall the GTA 5 scale then or think of MMO nowadays, for instance. The only difference it makes is the scale and the audience coverage.

I have a dream about integrating VR in our life as social networks did before. Earlier there was a possibility to communicate at forums, blogs and chats but as social networks arose – it made it possible to combine communication under one platform. I’m old enough to remember how the Internet and SNs have changed our life and I do want to see another social transformation throughout my life and, if possible, to participate in it.

I started thinking about VR in 2011 when it became clear that PCs could finally produce a photorealistic image. As it turned out to be, not only me alone started developing a console and HMD. Thanks God, it did not go any further than just a patent back then. However, a year ago, finally getting confident in VR potential, I decided to resume my work, but this time, based on already working devices. My efforts are aimed at creating solid VR platform where people could fill it with diverse high-quality content and create a place to make anyone’s dreams come true. It’s like a book – it is senseless until you read it, the content– that is what really matters.

I have no illusions that making VR is a matter of only a couple of years. It is hard, expensive and time consuming. I don’t want it to become just a global server for MineCraft or Rust. VR has different goals, interests and points of contact for users. Although, there is already a good example of a complex project design - the Star Citizen devs’ module approach. Until each module becomes ideal…

Among all of the planned modules the most important is the VR Constructor, because I’m confident that only those users who have no restrictions can create a lively world. And the most significant part of the Constructor is GUI, where everyone can feel as Tony Stark and share creations immediately. Convenient, fair, fast and most important, simple. You only need to pick an object, place it anywhere and set it up. However, one should keep in mind that GUI development for VR is a new field and not all trusted methods suit it and this is what I focus on now. Here is the latest version of my GUI concept:

I see it in a sci-fi style with customization possibilities. Some features:

  • Assets auto loading. All you have to do is to copy your mesh to a special folder and the core will scan and add it to UI at the start of the app.
  • UI is a standalone object not tied with a user viewport.
  • Free placement of objects depending on the surface angle with a possibility of changing parameters whenever you like.
    Right now, I am finishing work on animation, parameter changing and loading. So, now or never it’s time to unite like-minded people on the way to a new information revolution.

Currently, there are 3 people in the crew. First of all it’s me, a person who has 10 years’ experience at the building automation, system integration; design of MCU devices, communication systems, and HMI. Since July 2016 I have been fully occupied with VR project. The other two guys are programmers as well but with server specialization. We only lack a designer, a real artist!

If you know how to make a convenient GUI, how to launch a friendly and cool website, what interior to make to record a platform presentation and you are willing to handle it all, write me up!

We have a detailed work plan for 3 years ahead, even though, the design doc has been written with the expectation of 10+ years of development and support. After the UI, we will start making basic content, server/client and integrate the third-party applications and functions (voice chat, data communication and share desktop). We all work remotely and the alpha version of the constructor will be tested right at our Virtual Office. But this is a side-project, which I can tell you about when something serious in this direction will be done.

Unfortunately, you can’t read a full project presentation now; it will be available as soon as MVP is ready. To help us to move towards the right direction we need your feedback. We would be glad to any opinion both positive and negative to help our VR concept become better!

Your “survey” reads entirely like an advert.

Bad habits are irremovable:)

But posts are.

I kid, I kid. I do agree though that this just reads like an advert. If you are seriously interested in receiving feedback from your questions, I would be more than happy to fill out a questionnaire or survey.

Of course I am! That’s the main goal.

So? Is it bad idea at all?

You need to make better survey questions; the ones you’ve given are really quite broad and offer no ability to actually offer an opinion. It looks like advertising material, it’s not useful to you if you’re doing an actual survey.

The main question still “Is this a good idea?” I mean creating so-called 3D OS for proper HMD using.