VR Store: Best VR apps & 3D/360° videos

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Let me introduce a new amazing and Free VR app: VR Store launched by Virtual Vizor, a German company. This app is excellent for the virtual reality contents, since you don’t need
to check the daily updates at Google play-store and YouTube. At VR Store, they have best VR Apps and 3D/360° videos. When you just short with the date you will find new amazing 360° videos.

You can download it from here

Other interesting things are:

  • sort by rating or number of (re-)views,
  • filter by “Categories” or “Best” content &
  • see the number of apps & videos for each filter.

Updated automatically every day. Thus use this app every day & sort content by date or number of reviews to be the first who finds hot new VR content!

I believe you will love it, simple design and small size. If you like please share it…