VR stereo layers for Mobile VR (Gear VR)

Any chance of getting VR stereo layers for Mobile VR (Gear VR in particular) in 4.12 or 4.13 ?

Additionally it would be nice to have a check box to turn off depth testing for layers and for 3D widgets (UMG), since they’d have to be located a fair distance away from the camera in order to prevent player going cross eyed.


I’ve been thinking about adding a custom material property to the widget component - so that rather than me continuing to add lots of permutations of the materials via properties, just let users provide their own custom material, which could have depth testing set to disabled. Don’t know when I’ll have time to work on it though, if someone wants to put together a pull request I’ll happily take a look.

Well, I am sure if someone could do it, they would have done so already (it seems there are a lot of folks working with UE4 for Gear VR) :frowning:

I tried adding materials to 3D widget just a few minutes ago. They aren’t being rendered (probably a separate issue or me doing something wrong or because widget component has masked type of material globally) and elements like text don’t seem to have any material option at all.

I keep my fingers crossed for the solution and hopefully it will be done in a user friendly manner (and documented), unlike blob shadows for example :slight_smile: