VR Starter Scene does not support Windows Mixed Reality well

There are issues with the default Virtual Reality template scene:

If you are using a Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headset, supposedly you can now use UE and WMR without needing to run WMR through SteamVR.

I opened up a brand new UE 4.22.3 Virtual Reality template scene, went to Settings/ Plugins/ Virtual Reality, checked ON the Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality plugin and unchecked the Oculus VR and Steam VR plugins, then restarted the editor. Once re-opened, I pressed Play in VR, and an error dialog box popped up stating that the MotionControllerPawn blueprint is not compiling properly.

It seems that the VR template blueprint relies on SteamVR.

If I have both the SteamVR and Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality plugins checked on, UE plays through SteamVR automatically, yet the Windows hand controllers do not fully respond (I can clench my fists with the triggers but I’ve lost teleportation capabilities).

If I only have the SteamVR plug checked on (WMR plugin checked off) everything works fine. However, if you have the WMR plugin off, then you cannot access the Windows WMR thumbsticks for customizing BP gameplay.

Could Epic update the default VR template scene please?

Thank you,


There appears to be an answer in the post in another forum…can-i-use-them

This was found by putting “Windows Mixed Reality” in the search box at the top of the page and reading all the articles on Windows Mixed Reality

I’ve found that the teleportation with WMR controllers is weird. You have to push forward on the thumb-stick AND down (click hold) at the same time AND rotate. It’s a bit wonky, but at least it works. I thought I could only make a fist as well. Not sure if that helps.