VR RTS on Oculus Rift where you can build, order units around, or possess them in FPS view



this is very interesting, how fast and how precisely you can make your orders in VR?
in RTS when a level becomes full with units and buildings, selection and orders should be handled quite fast…

Well, I’m definitely going for more of a management type game than a “RTS”, perhaps that’s my bad for titling it as such. Because yeah, Starcraft 2 type gameplay is not exactly easy in VR. But, building a city, walking around, that is! So I will try to expand those elements.

I will likely add survival type elements and allow you to go collect stuff either as orders, or directly in FPS. I think I’ll put some basic combat too, and possessed units will be more powerful

You can be precise in VR, but fast is another story…

Built a system so you can enter/exit the buildings you make today :smiley: