VR Rotation During Matinee Sequence?


So, I’ve been tasked (at work) in figuring out how to enable VR rotation during a matinee sequence. I’ve tried. I’ve gotten close, but I’m missing something. I’m wondering if someone already knows the solution to this. The purpose is to be able to look around (with VR rotation) while gong through a matinee sequence. Figure an example to be like going through a rollercoaster experience; you’re locked in position, but you are able to look around. Has anyone figured this out?

The closest I’ve gotten is being able to get that VR rotation during a matinee sequence (with camera cuts), but the VR rotation isn’t full. Instead, I get a super-subtle jerk in the direction I want to look in, followed by me locking back to the original direction of the camera. I just know I’m missing something, for sure.

Anyway, any solutions or ideas, let me know! And thanks, in advance!

Hi Steven,

Take a look at Eric’s answer on this post. He gives basic directions on how to set this up.

I hope it help, TJ

I’ll be trying this out today. Thanks!

i got the second blueprint example to work great. you just have to animate targetpoints instead of cameras. you don’t need to use any cameras. i have yet to test this out in VR but with a mouse it’s working perfectly.