VR / Real-Time Developer (LONDON) (Available for Freelancing and Permanent positions!)

Hey there,
my name is Marco, 28 years old, living in London, UK.
I’m very passionated about Virtual Reality, Computer Graphic, Videogames and Photography.

I studied “Computer Science” to the University of Salerno, then I studied Computer Graphic by myself. Then I decided to move to London to learn more about Virtual Reality. I define myself a VR Developer with good computer graphic skills and an excellent videogame/photography knowledge (more useful than you think most of the times) as background.

I worked with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift DK2, Samsung Gear VR, and I also developed mobile applications (iOS and Android).

For a quick look of what I do:
Feel free to contact me for any project proposal: marco.isolato@]

I’m looking for a freelancer contract or a permanent position here in London.


Available right now!

Available right now!

Are you mainly a bluprinter or do you do most of your work in C++?