VR Prototyping

Hi ,

Looking for a skilled individual to help prototype and package blank VR project ready for assets to be replaced with final content.

We would need Blueprints created for basic game mechanics such as:

Player and Mesh Spline Follow
Spline Variables at points (ex Speed and Acceleration)


Hey there Nick,

I have experience with this and could do it. I’ve worked with VR and splines a number of times on various projects. You can check out my Space Combat Kit trailer here: for an example of my work.

I can’t send you a PM because your account is too new, but If you’d like to talk further I can be contacted at :slight_smile:

Hi Nick,

Could you provide me with a way to contact you?



Just shot you an email and look forward to chatting further! We were the primary dev partner on Yore VR and did intensive prototyping for months before finalizing any of the systems so I would love to take the lessons learned there and on the dozens of other VR projects we’ve worked on since the DK1 and put them to good use with your project!