VR Project for ArchVIZ:DowntownApartment V1.0

Hi there ,
This is my second personal project used UE4.And i added some simple function in this scene,such as game menu,change materials,turn ON/OFF TV…
For the materials,i found the Fresnel node default value link to Specular is similar with reflection IOR1.45 in VRAY,both them start from 0.04,and end with value 1.In UE4 ,Value of Exponent control the curve,in Vray,Value of IOR control the curve,the are the same.So i linked Fresnel node both to Specular and Roughness,but in Roughness ,i uesd Fresnel node as alpha in Lerp Node,Lerp one vaule to 1,because all material have clear reflection roughness at the edge of 90-degree ,even the rust.
For the functions,i used blueprint,it’s very useful for art designers.and i created UI similar with "Loft in London"produced by CGCLOUD.I think it’s beautiful.
Please download launcher here:http://1drv.ms/1T9lpkw
[video]UE4 Arch DowntownApartment - YouTube

Hi @刘鲲 the download link seems to not work.