(VR Programmer/Performance ) - Snowbro's gun is for hire!

Hello! I am a professional game developer looking for some freelance work in a period of transition between jobs, thus I would not be available for long-term projects (more than 2 months).
I have been complimented for my ability to work in teams and my will to reach out to a company’s needs, which I feel is my best selling point; I worked as both freelancer and full-time on-site jobs, traveled around the world and represented my company in events. For more information I hacked up a website to show some of my works which I am linking to this thread!

I offer services such as:
UE4 Tutoring on game engine tools blueprint scripting (including VR) and rendering general knowledge
VR or general project profiling and performance optimizations
Game mechanics / system design and implementation

Here are some of the skills I have professional experience with:
Level design / whiteboxing
Gameplay programming
Editor tool design and implementation
Virtual Reality platforms
Creating interactive interfaces (VR and non-VR)
Game/Systems Design

I thank you for your attention, any question can be raised in the comments. If you wish to contact me privately, you can find the information in my website.