VR Pong

Hey guys!

I made a UE4, VR “port” of Pong. It’s has always been the first game I make on any system or platform. I mean if you can make Pong, you can make anything. :slight_smile: By that I mean that by making it, you cover all the basics systems of a game.

This post is a game development log, ordered by date ascending. (old at the top, new at the bottom).

I’ve decided to make all my future games VR with non-VR support. Implying that the gameplay is tweaked for both modes, but with VR, you do have this new pallet off potential experiences so it’s inherently more exciting, at least when it’s done right.


I’m currently working on a multiplayer (via Steam) part of this game to truly make it a unique VR experience that you can share with anyone anywhere. I’ll be submitting it to Steam Greenlight (will post a link) hopefully this week as I have to record a gameplay video over the weekend before I can submit. The game is and will always be free.

There will still be many improvements and easter eggs put into the game, in fact after the multiplayer mode is published most updates will be to the world itself, to make it even more exciting and full of interesting events.

Along the way I’m also working on another game of mine, planned for a release later this year. As I lerp my professional focus to full time VR development over the course of this year I feel very greatful to be a part of such fine community as this.

We came a long way and I’m very proud of our achievements. As a human race we possess that drive for the unknown, impossible and unreal. It makes me so very excited for the future.

**You can get the game at Oculus: **https://share.oculus.com/app/vr-pong

P.S. Currently the review process (at Oculus Share) is not the second fastest thing in the universe, understandably. So when a new revision is published I usually already have an updated version ready to go. If you encounter any problems (like game potentially crashing at end game, already fixed) please let me know and I’ll just post a dropbox link to the latest build, I’ll just disable the multiplayer button until it’s done.


I’ll see you all at the live steam today! Thanks!

UPDATE, 24.01.2015:

Steam Greenlight

Gameplay videos:

VR, Oculus, version 1.1.

Non-VR, version 1.1.

UPDATE, 19.02.2015:

Version 1.2 submitted to Oculus Share.

UPDATE, 19.02.2015:

Version 1.2 approved on Oculus Share. And with that I have no more “complains” about the review duration of updates, this is pretty much perfect.

UPDATE, 22.02.2015:

New VR gameplay video. Version 1.25 submitted.

VR, Oculus, version 1.25.

UPDATE, 26.02.2015:

Version 1.25 approved.

UPDATE, 27.02.2015:

Applied to Unreal Dev Grands, new Non-VR gameplay video.

Non-VR gameplay , version 1.25.

UPDATE, 02.03.2015:

Unreal Engine became free for everyone! Thank you Epic. Thank you Tim. It’s not as much about the money as it is about you guys proving just how much you love what you do. And coinsidently tomorrow is my birthday, so thank you again for this amazing gift for all of us. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you.

UPDATE, 10.03.2015:

Version 1.3 submitted to Oculus.

UPDATE, 13.03.2015:

Did a little cinematic. to show a piece of the in game world dedicated to my dear friend.

UPDATE, 17.03.2015:

Version 1.3 approved.

UPDATE, 28.05.2015:

Version 1.4 submitted to Oculus. This is the biggest update to date. It includes 3 new game modes, each with 10 levels, high score system, a bunch of new gameplay elements, improved environment, gameplay mechanics, graphics, bug fixes, engine upgrade. In VR you even get your own little private spot for relaxation at the high score menus.

UPDATE, 03.06.2015:

Version 1.4.1 ready to submit. Here are gameplay videos.



UPDATE, 12.06.2015:

VR Pong has been Greenlit on Steam!

It looks awesome! I’m new here and just checking out some projects. This is just pong, mind blown lol

Love the sounds. The only negative that I can say is that it’s a whole lot going on (maybe too much but idk without playing it) and it seems a bit confusing. That’s not a fair criticism though as I haven’t played it and it’s meant for virtual game play. Very impressive work.

Thank you! I’m very happy you feel that way. That’s a good observation and a very honest approach to the feedback, exactly what I want. It’s one of my main design goals, to make the world feel alive, dynamic, however I do think it’s critical to keep the gameplay approach personal (as you can see in the video I like to move a lot). So you can play it however you want, it’s perfectly fine to focus on the board, paddle and the ball and win the game in classic style.
I realize that might be a problem for some players, because everything is moving, so I’ve added an angle adjust option yesterday (video isn’t relevant any more, you can see it here). Full release is planned for Steam in February, if the game gets through Steam Greenlight (looking good). Ou yes and welcome to the community! This was my first post as well, but I’ve been around here for the last 7 months mostly in the background, developing.

Is this open source i want to check some of the code out