[VR] Player Start Actually Not working (Spawn at world origin)

So I had an issue that made the entire project crash (basically changed a sphere collision to box collision on a blueprint parent). After manually deleting some blueprints from the folder I was able to open the project again, but now the player start seems to have stopped working.

I have set the player start and Play settings to use the player start, and also tried to set the actual pawn to the world and possess player 0 on start but nothing seems to work and the VR Character keeps spawning to the World Origin Point, which has no indication or spawn references.

I did data validation for the project and the only error that came up was with a “IWBE_Blutility” Blueprint, but the blueprint it did not have anything different from a project where the player start was working.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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The problem ended up being leftover setup from GameMode Blueprint that ended up messing with the Player Start actor that probably caused a confict that resulted in a fallback start position at world origin. Removing the blueprint nodes fixed the issue!

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Hey, my player start suddenly stopped spawning at my own location instead it always spawns at the world origin. I did nothing but deleted a folder in the project by accident, which lost me some assets but I would not think that could affect the player start setting. Could you please have a look what this problem is ?

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