VR performance testing question.


I’ve started not long ago developping in UE4 with VR in mind. I know keeping a constant 90 fps for the Vive is key. My PC is currently equiped with a Nvidia GTX 980Ti vc but I want to test what the performances would be on a lower end vc like a GTX 970. Should I down clock my GTX 980ti to get lower performances or is there an easyer way to do this? English is not my native language and I wanted to know, is there a term for the process of testing performances of differents computer set-up?

Thanks a lot for your help!

I run a GTX 970. I don’t think the difference between hardware is going to be extremely different. If it easily runs at 90fps on your card, it’ll probably run at 90fps on mine. You can run the GPU profiler to see any trouble spots in your rendered scene and make sure you have a reasonably sized performance buffer. If you can run at 120fps, others will probably run at 90.

Could you compare the different cards fps counters from different reviews doing real world test with various games,
and then set the hmd screen percentage in a blueprint command to reflect percentage difference?