VR pawn not being possessed

UE 5.1 (just updated to 5.2 trying to fix it to no avail).

The only thing that worked was migrating the VRPawn from the VR Example project to the project I’m working in right now. But I compared both blueprints, all settings, everything I could think of, I never touched the game mode, everything is 100% exactly the same and I just can’t possess the pawn I’ve been working on just fine for a couple of days.

It just stopped working out of the blue and nothing helps.

Hello PeterW,

If you place the pawn in your level and set ‘Auto Possess Player’ to “Player 0” do you get the possession?

It doesn’t work. It works with the migrated VRPawn from the VR template, but not with the CharacterBP I’ve been working on just fine for about a week. And I really can’t pinpoint what the problem is, I wasn’t even touching any components or class settings. I’m currently going over every possible checkbox between the two blueprints. If it doesn’t work, I’ll start removing and adding back all the vr components.

Okay I figured it out.

It was my mistake that caused the player character to be destroyed right after the game starts :man_facepalming: I’ve set an event On Component Begin Overlap. The collision component was overlapping another collision component attached to the player, and leading to Destroy actor with target being set to overlapped actor, so, in the beginning, the player. I’ve added a check to see if overlapping actor is not equal to self.

Dude it took me like a week, I just removed everything from the blueprint, it worked. Then by the process of elimination I found this and now I feel like a dumbass.

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