VR package

Just make sure the start in VR setting is checked.
Project Settings → Description → Settings → Start in VR

i want to use vr headset , normally packaging is enough for this? And do i need to use vr templete?

after package i can use motion controller and head set with my pawn character?

To use motion controllers, you’ll need to add motion controller components to your pawn and then setup whatever logic and visuals you want to attach to them. The headset should work automatically as long as you have a camera in your pawn.

I’d recommend looking at the VR template to see how they have it setup. You don’t have to use the vr template, but if it’s your first time working with VR, it’s a great resource to start with.

thank you for answers. let me tell you something more pls i am using fps character ( character Blueprint ) but all vr templete using VR pawn blueprint. I use FSP character BP. Can you explain me or link me a video about that can we make arrangement in VR ( motion Controller Oculus ) in BP character thank you . i do not need action teleport i am using wsad keyboards for that i mean i need character movement but vr pawn doesnot Thank you so much for yoru attentions

Check the VR training playlist from Epic: VR: Cameras, Multiplayer, Tips & Tricks | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube